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Let’s be honest, on the go tea can be problematic. There’s a tea bag to dispose of, and the challenge of getting the brew spot on – not too weak or too strong. But stress no more, as there’s a new solution that will transform the on the go tea experience for you and your guests.

Tea Fusion by Lipton uses a machine and capsules filled with quality loose tea leaves to create perfectly brewed cups of tea, each and every time. Designed to provide the optimal conditions for brewing tea, Tea Fusion creates a cup of tea that is the right colour, flavour and temperature without any stress or mess.

For your Front of House (FoH) team, it couldn’t be easier. All they’ve got to do is a hit a button and then watch the machine work its magic, all of which takes less than a minute. Your FoH team will also appreciate just how easy it is to clean the machine, not to mention the cleaner environment as a result of having fewer or no tea bags!

Watch this video to see just how quick and easy it is to make the perfect grab and go cup of tea:

Tea Fusion On The Go