We’ve heard from many of you in our community that it can be difficult to find the best resources and expertise to support you, your staff and your business during this uncertain time for our industry.  

To help you stay informed, we have compiled a list of reliable resources that will support you to understand the situation in your country and take relevant action to protect yourself and others.

Wondering how to keep safe?

WHO has all the latest information and advice on protecting yourself and others from Coronavirus including personal hygiene initiatives, ways of managing stress during the outbreak, best practice for food safety and tips on how to stay well whilst travelling.

Additionally, here is the Coronavirus Guide for the F&B Industry by The World Association of Chefs’ Societies. This guide is specifically written to help people in the F&B industry reduce the risk of their businesses accidentally spreading Coronavirus (aka Covid-19). The suggestions here are low/no-cost and are generally good practice—they have also been evaluated by epidemiologists, public health experts, biologists, and doctors

Want to know the latest guidance from your country?

UAE: or follow the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention on Instagram and Twitter


KSA: or follow the Saudi Ministry of Health and Prevention on Instagram and Twitter


Kuwait: or follow the Kuwait Ministry of Health and Prevention on Instagram and Twitter


Bahrain: or follow the Bahrain Ministry of Health and Prevention on Instagram and Twitter

Oman: or follow the Oman Ministry of Health and Prevention on Instagram and Twitter

Qatar: or follow the Qatar Ministry of Health and Prevention on Twitter and the Primary Health Care Corporation on Instagram.  


COVID-19 Resource Hub

We have also compiled a variety of free resources, programs, virtual events and more to help you connect with the global community, build skills and prepare to advance in a post-COVID-19 world.

  • Let’s Break the Chain of COVID-19 Infection by Mohammed Bin Rashid University Community Immunity Ambassador
    This program will provide you with rapid training on key aspects of infection and immunity to empower you in your community-based advocacy on how to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19
  • Technomic’s Take: COVID-19 Update
    COVID-19  foodservice update from April 17th, 2020
    The second update on COVID-19 from Technomic’s Foodservice Impact Monitor explores the continued effect on the industry, including economic projections, restaurant adaptations for dine-in alternatives, increased strain on particular segments and efforts being put toward policy changes and government support.
    For a complimentary webinar series covering COVID-19 with, Restaurant Business. Register here
  • Coronavirus & The Impact on Eating (Date: March 12, 2020. link to report) – People’s attitudes toward eating and dining out as Coronavirus fears escalate as well as understand the implications for foodservice operators.
  • Free Online Training: Worldchefs Academy
    With this free online Pre-Commis Chef training program, you can prepare for your first job in a professional kitchen right from your home.
  • Free Webinar: Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals 
    Bolster your resume and help bring sustainable practices to foodservice. This 7-day series teaches chefs how to think and act sustainable, to lead positive change for the planet – and for the improved profitably in the kitchen. 
  • Worldchefs Online Community
    Stay connected. Open your Worldchefs account now at
  • For additional training resources to support the well-being of staff at this time, please check out UFS Academy for more info on personal hygiene, safety in food delivery and mental health support for you and your teams 

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