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Food Safety Under the Covid-19 Lens - Webinar

The F&B industry as a whole, but especially the safety behind it, has taken a huge hit in 2020. Watch our in depth discussion with Mr Abdulrashid from Pulseburry Food Safety Consultants United Arab Emirates as he tackles the standard food safety precautions and how to adjust them post covid-19.


Managing Health & Wellbeing During Covid-19 - Webinar

It has been a tough time for everyone, emotionally, physically, and mentally. In this Webinar, Samira Alexandar, wellbeing coach will deep dive into the changes our mental health and wellbeing goes through during challenging times and how to deal with and minimize their effect.


Food Photography for The Online World - Webinar

We are so dependent on our social media, phones and screens. We are either trying to sell through it, engage with people or get entertained, either way, our online presence is becoming more and more important. In this Webinar, ex-chef and food photography expert Jai Arumugam, will share tips and tricks on how to take the best photos of your menu, operations and food for the best chance of standing out on social media and food delivery platforms.


The F&B Industry Post Covid-19 - Webinar

Get insights and best practices from our executive chefs from the eastern part of the world that has already re-opened to consumers post covid-19. Chef Andrew Ballard, Eric Chua and Ken Cacho will share examples which you can replicate into your business directly and, hopefully, help your operations to thrive again.


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