Case-in-point: Lulu Hypermarket

Chef Vinod Nair, Executive Chef, Lulu Hyperparket spoke to us about the many challenges of running a shawarma business. 

“It's difficult to pinpoint which is an authentic shawarma. You've got many shawarma joints with various tastes. Some people claim that Lebanese is the most authentic, others Turkish or Arabic. Yet the one thing that is consistent across regional shawarmas is the basic spices used.

The main challenge for me is that my customer profile varies a lot. I have Asian customers in certain places, Arabic in others, and European, each with different preferences. So to have a standard taste for all these customer profiles is difficult. 

Another challenge I face is that the spices needed to marinate the chicken are not always available. Whenever this happens we have to make substitutions, and this risks altering the taste that my customers are used to.

Having a ready mix makes it easier for my team to create a shawarma base that has the right balance of spices in much less time. We address the different taste profiles through offering a variety of sauces. For example, Asian customers who prefer more spice can chose from the spicy sauces, and so on.”


Knorr Chicken Shawarma demonstration



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