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In an effort to promote healthier food options and healthy eating among consumers, the Dubai Municipality has spearheaded the Eat Healthy, Live Healthy (EHLH) program.

This voluntary program aims to validate and certify food and food establishments that meet the program’s criteria. Food service businesses under the program will receive an official Dubai Municipality certification logo which they can display on their menu. Currently, there are 11 certified restaurants in Dubai who offer EHLH-approved food options.

To qualify for the program, a food service must:

  • Have at least 2 main courses/dishes/meals from their menu that are approved by the program.

Other menu options (side dishes, snacks, beverages, desserts, children meals and main dish, etc.)  can be approved if they meet the program criteria.

  • Complete the EHLH Application Form.

The REQUIREMENT LIST includes the following:

  1. Copy of trade license
  2. Copy of last food inspection report (color card should not be red or yellow)
  3. Copy of the existing menu
  4. Recipes of eligible dishes in the Recipe File format
  5. Supporting documents like test reports / evaluations / computations to support your claims (if you have any, but not mandatory)

Requests for the application form, complete program criteria and other queries should be sent to Nutrition@dm.gov.ae.

Kindly note: Application will only be confirmed once all the requirements have been completed on a first-in, first-served basis.

Let’s do our part to improve the health of Dubai citizens and work towards the goal of “Healthy Dubai. Happy Dubai.”