Is your restaurant’s tea menu Instagrammable? The Pure Leaf experience has exactly what you need to get your guests craving for more.

Today’s tea customers are no longer just looking to get served, they are looking for something different that they can share on social media!

Our premium tea, Pure Leaf, can provide this unique experience and make your restaurant stand out. When you sign up for our face-to-face training, our tea experts will train your staff on the art of serving tea. 


The full training includes:

  • How to set up the right tea display and teaware
  • How to introduce Pure Leaf to customers
  • How to serve tea through an artistic presentation—from leaf to cup
  • How to pair tea with desserts and bites on your menu

Training is by exclusive invitation only, sign up now.

Training is by exclusive invitation only, sign up now

Terms & Conditions Apply:

  1. Offer is valid for premium Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes with a minimum of 2 branches in UAE or KSA
  2. The venue of the training is to be in the Unilever office for UAE, unless otherwise mutually decided by both parties
  3. The date and time of the training will be subject to availability and to be mutually decided
  4. Participants must exceed 3 but not 10 in order for the training to take place