Want diners to leave your venue feeling happy and satisfied after Iftar? Well, green tea could be the answer. After a hearty Iftar meal, diners crave thirst-quenching beverages to finish off their meal and boost their hydration levels. While juices or traditional beverages may be your regular offering, they are often too filling for diners after a big Iftar. Freshen things up by serving a rejuvenating cup of green tea. 

It isn’t just the refreshing, palate-cleansing taste of green tea that makes it such a great post-Iftar beverage. Unsweetened green tea is light, gentle on stomachs and a drink to be savoured. Encourage your guests to sip slowly on their freshly brewed green tea to ease any bloating they are feeling and to help the digestion process.

Diners are increasingly avoiding sugary, sweet drinks during Ramadan, opting instead for healthier alternatives, and few drinks are healthier than green tea. Packed with phytonutrients and flavonoids, which provide a variety of health benefits, sugar- and milk-free green tea also has zero calories. 

Pro tip: To fully release the goodness in green tea, ensure the water temperature is 80°C and the tea is brewed for 3 minutes.

Your diners understand the importance of staying hydrated in Ramadan. But let’s be honest, sticking only to water is boring. Fortunately, after water, tea is the most hydrating beverage. So, you can reassure your diners that by switching to green tea, they get to enjoy a beverage that is delicious and wonderfully hydrating.  

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