Struggling to balance the needs of hungry and expectant diners with the cost/revenue expectations of management?

Cost up your dishes and place the cheapest or most abundant dishes at the start of the buffet layout, with more expensive or lower quantity dishes at the end.  

Soft drinks often deliver low profit margins, so go for a more cost-effective option like Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea. You’ll get more return for your money, while diners will enjoy a refreshing low sugar drink. 

A simple way to downsize your overall buffet and cost is to give diners smaller plates. Bigger plates encourage diners to eat (and waste) more, and require a much larger volume of food to cater to them. 

Plan dishes – like Chicken Machboos  or Kharouf Mashi  – using cheaper cuts of meat. Chicken thighs and lamb shoulder are more affordable yet no less flavoursome. 

Cut back on the mezze dishes you serve, you’ll save money on ingredients and be able to focus on quality over quantity. Fewer mezze dishes also means diners still have an appetite for costlier mains. 


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