Why engage in a buffet price war when you can use these easy ideas to bring diners through the doors and ensure they leave satisfied and ready to return again…

It doesn’t take a whole buffet of trendsetting dishes to get diners and social media buzzing – just one. Create that dish and watch excited diners fill your restaurant every night. And don’t forget to share it in your social media feed!

Chefs’ tip: Follow our lead by adding a twist to traditional favourites. Our Chicken Basha and Chocolate Croissant Umm Ali recipes provide some excellent inspiration to get you started...

You may have a group of Ramadan regulars who return to your restaurant every year, but to attract new customers take your marketing campaign to social media.

Different platforms can be used for different messages. Want to get hungry diners to make a booking? Post appetizing images of your dishes on Instagram. Alternatively use a short video on Facebook to showcase the overall ambience and diner experience. 

Plan your Iftar buffet with weekly specials – change one or two starters and mains each week. It will encourage diners to return again and provides a great promotional tool for marketing too. 

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