The holy month of Ramadan is a special time, but often presents a unique challenge. It’s a time when diners prefer to eat at home or opt for restaurants that offer buffets. The need of the hour, thus, is to come up with exciting menu offerings and promotions that attract more customers to your restaurant. We offer full support and come up with solutions customised to suit your needs during the season.

Here are a few ways we can help increase footfall during Ramadan.

Designing a menu based on food trends
New menu items based on global food trends, such as snack-sized items, flavor fusion and plant-based appeal to diners. And of course, celebrating the spirit of the season on your menu with traditional ingredients has proven to be effective. Our team will work with your restaurant to design one-of-a-kind recipes that will help you stand out.

Special giveaways for diners
A giveaway always makes a meal all the more memorable. We will provide the support you require to come up with giveaways that are both on brand and on tend, as well as being cost effective.

Exiting rewards for you & your team
At a time when prices matter, we offer exclusive discounts and rewards when you purchase our products.

Eye-catching marketing
Running a promotion or excited about a brand-new menu item? We will work with you to make sure everyone knows! From posts on social media to in-store branding like window stickers, table caddies and standees, we’ll help you design big, bold attention-grabbing front of house merchandising.

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