Your guests love enjoying their Iftar with a refreshing tea, but there are a few simple things you can do this Ramadan to keep your tea offering exciting and up-to-date, that diners are sure to love.

1.   Spice it up Infuse some trending Middle Eastern flavours into your teas by adding traditional fragrant spices like cinnamon and cumin. Cardamom, which works with both black and green tea, is another great choice. for adding a delicious aroma and citrus note to the tea.

2.   A touch of tradition A traditional tea serving is very appropriate for the occasion, and while preferences may vary from region to region, Masala Chai, Doodh Patti, Kashmiri Chai and Kahwa are popular choices, that is a nice addition to your buffet.

3.   Green is good Green tea is becoming increasingly popular. Serve it at the end of Iftar to help freshen palates and wash away fried food aftertastes. Feel light and active with a steamy cup of green tea post Iftaar.

4.   Time for turmeric Very popular and on-trend for the many health benefits as well as its distinctive taste, try serving your turmeric tea with a hint of ginger or cinnamon for a deliciously spicy tea.

5.   Milk makes it Milk tea is popular at Sehri. This satisfying creamy mix of milk, black tea, sugar and sometimes water, provides diners with added energy they are looking for ahead of another day of fasting.

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