Who says tea can be only black or green? Try our Exclusive Selection range and experiment with a new flavour, every day!

A fresh, brisk, rich-flavoured Kenyan tea with a bright golden colour. Its strong and thick character and astringency make for a perfect companion for milk and sugar.

This colourful mix of black tea with marigold & blue petals has the characteristic bergamot flavour.

A mild black tea that’s balanced with the juicy flavours and sweet aroma of strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant & cherry.

An orthodox mild black tea with bright lemon peel, lending a balanced and refreshing lemon flavour.

Sencha tea is complimented with sweet pear flavour & rose petals and is free from grassy and smoky notes; it’s green tea without the bitterness.

Try green tea characterized by the intense taste of spearmint. It has an alluring menthol aroma and a vibrant bright colour.

Hand-picked young tea buds known as silver tips, are blended with long tea leaves and delicate rose petals. Makes for subtle and refined floral notes.

The aromatic camomile is combined with the sweet flavour and aroma of honey, coupled with a bright yellow colour. Caffeine-free for that feeling of tranquility.

100% large leaf peppermint delivers the delicate flavour of a mint infusion and bursting with aromatic topnotes. This infusion is naturally caffeine-free.

Combine flavours of Rosehip, Hibiscus and Cranberry, to give a unique twist of sour and fruitiness.