Although there’s nothing abnormal about stress – it can often hinder our ability to work effectively and reach our full potential. While our jobs can be hectic at times, they could also act as a countermeasure to it. To begin with, mindfulness is the simple act of paying attention, inside and outside the mind. One method to achieve mindfulness is through meditation.

Researchers have found that by meditating for as little as 5 minutes a day, you can learn to cultivate feelings of calm and peacefulness at will.

Here are 3 steps to achieving mindfulness at work…

  • Introduce Mindfulness with Yoga
    Not only does yoga calm the mind, it restores the body’s balance and releases physical tension built up by stress and spending hours at a desk. Why not try an office yoga morning to energise employees and get the day off to a peaceful start?
  • Create a Quiet Place
    Quiet spaces allow employees to momentarily drop out of the daily grind and refresh. A comfortable and secluded retreat where one can focus on their work undisturbed can lead to a big boost in employee wellbeing, and significantly reduce stress levels.
  • Use Tea to Meditate
    Just listen to the water boil, watch the colours swirl in the water as the bag infuses, sense the gentle warmth of the cup on your palm. Feel the tea’s aroma linger around your nostrils before you take the first sip. Read on our different tea flavours and their benefits.

And there you have it. 3 ways to transform your mood and workplace all by focusing within. The importance and benefits of mindfulness in general, is higher than you can imagine. Give it a try and discover the change.

Here are other tips that could help you destress instantly at your desk.