Employees with close working relationships are known to be twice as satisfied at work than those without. Great teamwork is essential for high-quality work, but also to promote our teams’ and colleagues’ day-to-day emotional wellbeing.

Lipton have put together 7 helpful tips to promoting team bonding in the workplace, and like most good things, it all starts with a cup of delicious tea!

  • Make time for tea breaks
    A quick morning catch-up over a cup of tea is one of life’s simple pleasures. At work, it’s a chance to engage with your colleagues on a personal level.
  • Feel good with a charity bake sale
    We’ll bring the tea; you bring the cake… charity bake sales are a great way to bond as a team. Make it competitive to get people involved – a prize for the best cake, or for the team who raises the most money for their charity.
  • Energize with after-work activities
    Whether it’s running, team sports, book clubs, beverages or yoga classes, enjoying activities outside of work can enhance and reinforce work friendships.
  • Add variety with creative monthly workshops
    Think treasure hunts, quizzes, ball games, or physically building something together. Mix people up to encourage cross-team mingling. Again, make it competitive to add to the team spirit!
  • Have one-to-ones for a supportive work atmosphere
    Great teams need to be inspired by great leaders. This can also be an opportunity to assess how well the whole team is working together. Grab a cup of tea together once a week to touch base.
  • Create breakout areas to relax together
    Areas to chat, eat and relax are essential for team bonding, just like a tidy, organised living space at home. Developing close friendships with your team is much easier when you’ve got comfy sofas to chill out on.
  • Celebrate birthdays, weddings and general happiness
    Ensure that someone takes note of everyone’s birthday so that the whole team gets surprised with cake, cards and singing for an extra-special birthday tea time. Shared celebrations help us to feel closer to people.

At Lipton, we’re dedicated to promoting happier workplaces and employee wellbeing – find out how you can make a difference today