How many of these lunches have you been part of?

  •    The celebratory team lunch.
  •    The birthday buffet lunch.
  •    The farewell lunch.
  •    The fast food lunch.
  •    The desk lunch.
  •    The lunch on the go.
  •    The special Thursday lunch.

Chances are, your answer is ‘all of them’. And you’re all too familiar with how you feel after.  

Tired. Listless. Drowsy.

The solution? A soothing cup of Lipton Green Tea to balance it out.

Green tea contains phytonutrients and flavonoids, which work together to hydrate you and aid in digestion. Green tea also raises your concentration levels, leading to a more productive day. Find out more about the benefits of green tea here.

Discover the different ways you can enjoy a cup of Lipton Green Tea.

  1. Classic: A delightfully light, fresh, and non-bitter brew that’s the perfect pick-me-up for everyone.
  2. Lemon: An energizing blend of lemon peel, natural lemon & lemongrass flavours balanced with the naturally light taste of green tea for those who enjoy the zest of citrus
  3. Mint: Fresh mint blended with green tea, resulting in a smooth and mellow drink. Works perfectly after a spicy lunch.
  4. Moroccan Mint: A traditional blend of green tea bursting with mint leaves, to take on bad breath after a meal.
  5. Jasmine: A blend of green tea with the floral and ever-so-sweet notes of jasmine for a fragrant dose of relaxation.

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