A happier office is a more productive office. Shawn Anchor, author of The Happiness Advantage, has found that the brain works much better when a person is feeling positive. During those moments, individuals tend to be more creative and better at solving problems.

Plants, colours, art, music and simply serving tea are all ways to promote positivity. Our environment is reflected in our mental state, and therefore, also in the work we produce.

Transform your workplace, energise your colleagues and promote employee wellbeing in 7 steps.

  • Energise with colours

Neutral tones have been found to boost a feeling of wellbeing. Decorate the office walls with coloured prints, quotes and inspiring photography.

  • Balance with greenery

Plants purify air quality, boost concentration, lower stress and increase productivity. Have a read of our article about the benefits of plants in the office to find out more.

  • Refresh with a tea station

Taking a tea break, is the perfect opportunity to recalibrate your thoughts. Tea breaks allow you to press pause on the computer screen and gain some inspiration.

  • Boost with music

Music can boost energy, inspire creativity and instil a sense of fun. Play some background music in designated areas of the office or on Thursday afternoons for a happy balance.

  • Relax with quiet areas

Quiet breakout areas with supplies of relaxing herbal tea flavours are a great way to encourage peaceful working that boosts concentration and thoughts.

  • Invest in quality

Whether it’s investing in comfortable chairs or high-quality free beverages, a well-maintained office is sure to boost employee satisfaction and happiness.

  • Celebrate with feel good work

Create a hall of fame to celebrate great work, it is a wonderful way of giving back to employees. Collaborative writing boards are also great for sharing ideas and building creativity.

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