We’ve spoken about the art of taking breaks before. But, what about those times we really want to take a breather but the clock ticks steadily towards an important deadline?

Enter the microbreak: a quick, effective break that lasts only 30 seconds.

What can you do on a microbreak? 

Responding to your mail to rest from a prolonged task

Looking away from your screen and gazing 20ft into the distance

Walking to a coworkers’ desk rather than calling them

Stretching at your desk                                                        

Taking ten deep breaths                                                           

Filling up your water bottle or brewing a cup of green tea

Benefits of microbreaks 

1)  Microbreaks go a long way in reducing muscle and eye strain and restoring  blood flow. 
2)  They’ve been proven to increase productivity.  
3)  They prevent the buildup of fatigue. 
4)  Best of all, they take very little time and can be easily adopted as a healthy habit.