Did you know, horticultural therapy is a practice that uses plants and gardening to improve mental health as well as physical health? It’s not at all surprising that bringing the positive energy of the outdoors, indoors, can do wonders for your office environment, as well as your team’s wellbeing.

Studies have shown that sprucing up your office with luscious green plants purifies air quality, boosts concentration, lowers stress and even increases productivity (by a whopping 15%). Impressive!

Here are 4 plant-power tips to transform your office into a productive (and pretty) space…

  • Embrace colours
    Add splashes of colour through vibrant plants, pots and vases to stimulate the method of colour therapy – a wellbeing treatment that dates all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians.
  • Own a miniature garden
    Brighten up a cluttered desk with a trendy terrarium, or balance your stationary with some exotic succulents. Not only do these small plants transform your workplace, but they’re low maintenance too.
  • Create an indoor tea garden
    We all know the wonders a cup of tea can work on your mind and wellbeing – whether you need to balance, refresh, relax or energise on demand. So create an inviting tea station that encourages your employees to take a moment away from their screens – make tea, sip and recharge.
  • Make other offices green with envy
    Bring an extra dose of positive energy to your working day and transform a plain meeting room into a cool, Instagram-friendly space, that everyone will want to be seen in.

So, how will you make the most of nature’s finest to improve the wellbeing, productivity and workplace satisfaction of your team?

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