We know how important the productivity and wellness of your workplace is. As part of our Happier Workplace campaign, we would like to share some green tea benefits that you probably never heard of.

Green tea can help burn fat and reduce weight, but did you know that green tea can help keep your cardiovascular system healthy? Reducing the risk of heart diseases and strokes! From natural antioxidants to bioactive chemicals that lead to a happier workplace, here are a few facts.

  • Green tea contains L-theanine, which can improve brain function and help your employees work smarter.

  • Green tea can help keep your cardiovascular system healthy as it contains clever compounds that are naturally found in plant-based foods.

  • Green tea is a fresh tasting way for employees to meet recommended daily fluid intake. Tea is one of the best hydrating beverages after water.

  • Green tea fights bacteria and improves your employees’ dental health. The Catechin compounds lower the chances of influenza virus and reduce bad breath.

When it comes to green tea, the benefits are almost endless. Check out other benefits of Lipton’s tea range.

Order Lipton green tea and keep the wellness of your workplace up.