Everyone likes free stuff. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Especially Millennials who are taking over workplaces and expect more compared to previous generations. One valuable perk to keep employees of any job motivated, is freebies.

Transform your workplace by providing your employees with freebies and support. Here are some ways of how to win your employees’ hearts at work:

Encourage wellness with free food and drinks

Increase happiness and employee wellbeing by supplying regularly available, free wholesome snacks that encourage healthy habits. Free tea is another method of retaining the motivation of your younger employees. It also gives the opportunity to take a tea break, socialise, share ideas and encourage teamwork.

Empower your employees with free training

Sometimes, it doesn’t cost anything to supply your employees with happiness. Today’s offices are places where employees go to improve as individuals. Allowing time during working hours to acquire and improve valuable skills creates better time management, and a good work-life balance, two very important factors in any workplace.

Don’t be scared to suggest free time

We all know the phrase, ‘time is money’, but we underestimate the fact that regular periods of free time during work hours actually increases productivity, creativity and overall workplace happiness. A ‘brain break’, allows the mind to refresh, and helps it remain focused on the task at hand.

Make your office the kind of place where people want to work, by simply showing them you care about office wellness, happiness and energy.