As an ingredient, the sort of versatility that Knorr Tomato Powder offers is hard to match. Free of preservatives and made from 88 tomatoes, the addition of Knorr Tomato Powder gives dishes a fresh flavor and rich consistency. Be it to just add flavor, or as the base of a dish, this is one ingredient you always need within reach.

Knorr Tomato Powder makes more than just sauce

Tomato Sauce

Use Knorr Tomato Powder as a base for any type of sauce or gravy, such as pasta sauce, enchilada and curries.


Combine Knorr Tomato Powder with a few spices, and simmer it in water until desired consistency is attained.

Tomato Juice

1 cup Knorr Tomato Powder and 8 cups of water make a quick and delicious juice.


Whether you’re making a tagine, pilaf or risotto, a dash of Knorr Tomato Powder can add an incredible depth of flavor.

Spice Rubs

Never underestimate the power of a good dry rub. Give your cuts of beef, chicken or seafood an intense savory hit by using Knorr Tomato Powder with spices as a dry rub before you barbecue them.


Mix Knorr Tomato Powder with water and add it to soups and stews to lend it a warm, hearty flavor.


Sprinkle tomato powder with spices, or by itself, over salads to add a tangy twist to your veggies.