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Control consumption

Calculate the cost-per-serving of all your dishes and see where it may be possible to use less expensive – but still high quality – ingredients. A simple substitution spells big change over a longer period. 

It’s important not to sacrifice quality, however. A clever trick is to then place the cheapest dishes at the start of your buffet layout, with more costly ones at the end.

Reduce waste with the perfect plate

A simple way to reduce waste and costs is to provide smaller plates. If you give diners large plates, they are likely to fill them, which means more food onto tables. But they often don’t finish what they’ve taken, and so you have to throw a lot of what you’ve prepared away. 

From a health perspective, another bonus of smaller plates is that diners are less likely to overeat – perhaps pausing for thought before making several trips to the buffet. Beneficial for diners who might otherwise overindulge, and a better outcome for your restaurant. 

Beverage savings

In general, drinks sales can provide very good returns. But the profit on soft drinks can be less impressive. Looking for the best return for your money? Choose cost-effective options, such as Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea, a refreshing, low-sugar drink that is better for customers, too.

It’s very important for people who’ve been fasting to rehydrate at Iftar. Offering a range of interesting, more unusual beverages will encourage them to drink – and spend – more. Check out our Ramadan beverages e-book for a range of popular drink recipes, including Vimto Lipton Iced Tea a healthier twist on Vimto, and Apple Cinnamon Tea. 

One of the more expensive aspects of any dish is the meat. One easy win is to include dishes that feature cheaper cuts of meat. For example, chicken thighs and lamb shoulder are more affordable than breast and leg, but no less tasty!

Why not think beyond meat dishes, too? Our free Future 50 Foods report reveals how using a much wider range of vegetable and grains will make your cooking not only more sustainable, but it can be cheaper, too. And our recipes, such as  Okra Hush Puppies and Tofu Hummus with Savoury Granola, provide clever ways of using ingredients you may not have worked with before.

Don’t be afraid to use convenience products. The Knorr range of sauces, soups and more are designed by chefs and offer a great balance of flavours. What’s more, most are ready to serve in just a few minutes.

Don’t be afraid to use convenience products. The Knorr range of sauces, soups and more are designed by chefs and offer a great balance of flavours. What’s more, most are ready to serve in just a few minutes.

Smart mezze choices

The big advantage of serving mezze during Ramadam is that you can prep a lot of it in advance, potentially saving staff time and food waste. But mezze dishes tend to be expensive to produce, so limit yourself to a few popular choices and focus on quality over quantity. Fewer mezze dishes also means diners will have more of an appetite for the budget-friendly mains that come later in the meal.