Loyalty points

After a heavy Iftar meal, your customers will crave drinks to quench their thirst and cleanse their palates. Juices and other traditional drinks may be your regular offering year-round, but tea is the lighter, more refreshing choice of many diners after breaking the fast. The good news is tea is heathier and less expensive for you to produce than some other drinks, too. Here’s more on the benefits for you and your customers.

Great hydration

Your customers know how important it is to take on enough water during Ramadan, and tea is a tried and tested way to boost hydration levels after a long day’s fasting. Tea can be as high as 99% water, and it brings the taste factor too!

Excellent profits

Tea sales tend to provide your restaurant with very good profit margins, After all, your initial outlay is often not much more than hot water and tea bags. Enveloped bags make for easy serving, and take up little room in the stock room, leaving more space for other non-perishables to be purchased in bulk. Win-win!


Great for digestion and metabolism

Full of delicious goodness

You need to make sure you’re catering for diners who want healthier options. Many are avoiding sugary, sweet drinks year-round, including during Ramadan. That makes tea the perfect option. It’s low in fat, unless you add lots of milk. Unsweetened Lipton tea contains 0 calories, for example. Certain herbal teas are said to improve digestion, and some tea varieties, such as green are rich in flavonoids, which are thought to be linked to heart health.

Put it on ice

Iced tea is another brilliant option for your menu or Iftar buffet. It’s a good way of appealing to customers who are looking to cool down in the heat or want to avoid sugar-filled soft drinks. There are many amazing variations you can make to keep your diners coming back for more. Mango Iced Tea and Turkish Delight Iced Tea are just two of our surprisingly simple and inexpensive fabulous recipes.

Make the most out of your tea options

Since tea is such a solid, easy-to-prepare source of income, make sure you’re promoting it to customers as much as possible. Include several different flavours on the menu to get diners’ attention. We have a huge variety to choose from, including Earl Grey, peppermint, green tea, lemon and ginger, forest fruits and many more. Have a description of each tea and any positive health effects on your menu, so customers feel they’re making an informed, prudent decision by choosing it. Encourage your staff to always recommend various teas, after diners have finished their meal.