Yes, tea lattes. Not the regular, old coffee beans in sight. Just milk and the goodness of the mighty leaf. We can feel you asking, who would buy such a thing? Just bear with us.

Your guests crave novelty. They seek adventure and thrive off new experiences. They’re bored of run-of-the-mill tea and coffee options: espresso, latte, cappuccino, a couple of herbals teas… Big whoop. Give them something familiar yet refreshing; tea and milk like they’ve never seen it before.

Turmeric & honey infused Earl Grey latte

One sweet, one spicy; both golden. This radiant duo of turmeric and honey illuminates the floral bergamot aroma of Earl Grey. A feel-good brew for the health-conscious tea drinker.


Classic Earl Grey Tea Bag - 1x
Tumeric - 3g
Honey -  50g
Steamed Soy Milk -  50ml

Iced mint latte

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