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Of the many health benefits of tea, one is the role it plays in getting rid of toxins. Revolutionize the way you offer tea to your guests with exciting Green Tea recipes and accelerate the profits of your business. This is what your guests are looking for - a detox they can’t get at home!

Our baristas have created 5 delicious detox recipes to help you take your tea service up a notch. Check these out below :

Minty Green Tea infused with peppers and carrots

Sipping this punchy, nutrient-rich brew is like ambling through a lavish garden. Everything stands in balance; cool mint tea, sweet bell pepper, earthy carrot, tangy orange peel and fragrant rosemary. Help guests enjoy the mighty infusion of these delicious flavours.

Green Tea & Intense Mint Tea Bags - 5x
Red Bell Pepper (chopped) - 100g
Carrot Juice - 200g
Orange Juice - 100g
Orange Peel  - 1x 
Soft Water - 0.5l 
Rosemary - 3.5g

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