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Many diners like nothing better than finishing off their Iftar with a refreshing tea. But it’s important that you offer variations on this seasonal favourite to keep your restaurant’s options exciting and up-to-date. Here are just a few:

Green is good

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular with diners. Serve it to your customers at the end of their meal to balance a full stomach with a refreshing, lighter brew. They’ll feel bright and active, hopefully leaving your restaurant in an upbeat mood!

Add a twist to tradition
Stir in some spice

Introduce trendy Middle Eastern flavours, such as cinnamon and cumin. Cardamom, which works well in black and green tea, is another great option, adding a delicious aroma and citrus note.

Time for Turmeric

This distinctive powdered root has become very popular recently due to its many reported health benefits, including relieving pain and reducing inflammation caused by arthritis. Try serving turmeric tea with a hint of ginger or cinnamon.

Milk makes it

Milk tea is popular at Suhoor, but it can be very appealing to your customers in the evening, too. This creamy mix of black tea and milk is delicious, comforting and will give diners a little caffeine kick too.

Popular for a reason

While it’s important to mix things up, make sure you have a good selection of traditional teas on your buffet, too. Preferences may vary from region to region, but masala chai, doodh patti chai, Kashmiri chai and kahwa always go down well with customers. Check out our free Ramadan eBook for great tea recipes including Karkade Iced Tea and Karak Iced Tea.