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Many diners want a high-quality drink to accompany their much-needed evening meal at the end of a day’s fasting. The Pure Leaf range contains teas that capture the essence of the season, helping families unwind together and feel refreshed. Here’s more on why you should offer them in your restaurant. 

Flavours for everyone

Whether your customers want the clean, delicate taste of Gunpowder Green tea, a zesty Earl Grey, a cup of milky English Breakfast or something else, Pure Leaf caters for many different palates. Most blends are single origin, giving them the distinct flavour characteristics of the area they come from. The black tea, grown in the Kenyan highlands, for instance, has a unique floral bouquet combined with a brisk taste. Pure Leaf teas go extremely well with many of the sorts of dishes you’ll be serving for Iftar, too. Diners can pair vibrant dishes, such as spiced kofta or Vietnamese Spring Rolls with the delicate floral sweetness of Camomile, for example. Or the sharp, sweet tang of Black Tea with Berries is a great accompaniment for rich, savoury flavours Brioche Sandwich with Smoked Duck and Red Fruit Confiture. You can even use Pure Leaf products as an ingredient in luxurious desserts – try this Earl Grey Tarot Ice Cream.

Pure Leaf teas also work very well in several mocktails, which can elevate the meal and make Iftar an even more special occasion. Try including Gunpowder Green Iced Tea & Peppermint and Ginger Bear Iced Tea in your mocktail and iced tea recipes iced tea recipes!

Help customers relax

Sharing tea is a lovely way for diners to settle down and chill out with friends and family. And the more comfortable and happy they are in your restaurant, the longer they’ll stay and the more they’ll spend! Several Pure Leaf blends are rich in L-theanine, which is believed to reduce stress. Camomile, meanwhile, is used to help sleep. Why not offer it to customers just before closing as a nightcap?

Stay hydrated

It’s important everyone makes sure they have enough fluid every day, particularly during Ramadan. So your customers will be delighted if you can help them rehydrate with something more sophisticated than water or soft drinks. Pure Leaf beverages, with no milk or sugar, are almost entirely made of water, but just that bit tastier. 

For the health-conscious customer

After a day’s fasting, diners want to load up on vital nutrients and Pure Leaf varieties, such as green tea and black tea, contain essential minerals and flavonoids, which are thought to lower cholesterol. 

pure and simple

As the name suggests, as little is possible is done to the leaves used in Pure Leaf teas, after they are picked. Sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms that use sustainable practices, they are simply rolled, dried and blended, keeping in as much goodness – and flavour ¬– as possible. Ready, set, go Quick and easy to prepare, Pure Leaf teas offer your customers an exceptional, crafted experience with an excellent profit return for you. Find out more about how tea can improve your restaurant’s offerings and income.