Head chef Vernon Samuels of Jamaican restaurant Rudie’s in London shows you all you need to know. 

  • Learn about flavours and techniques
  • The must-have equipment and what makes Jamaican cooking unique
  • A step-by-step guides to brining, marinating and grilling chicken and lamb cuts on the jerk pan.

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1. An introduction


A short introduction to what this course is about.


2. Setting up your kitchen

Watch as chef Vernon Samuels talks you through the must-have equipment for authentic Jamaican cooking, including the blender and jerk pan. 

3. Using authentic ingredients

Get a flavour for Jamaican cuisine as chef Vernon Samuels talks you through some of the ingredients you’ll need to make authentic dishes, from the main jerk ingredients to the ackee and soursop fruits.

4. How to make jerk marinade

Spice up your cooking with this Jamaican jerk marinade. The cornerstone of Jamaican cooking, jerk marinade is packed with fresh herbs, citrus, Scotch Bonnet chillies and dried spices. Learn how to use it to impart delicious flavours into grilled meats. 

5. How to make Jamaican-style brine

Watch chef Vernon Samuels demonstrate how to make his Jamaican-style brine; an essential step for infusing extra flavour into meats before grilling, with a focus on how to brine whole chicken.

6. How to prep & marinade lamb cuts

Learn how to prepare lamb cuts to get maximum flavour when grilling on the jerk pan.

7. How to use a jerk pan

The final stage after preparing, brining and marinating meat cuts is the jerk pan. Learn tips and tricks on how to grill over charcoal to impart flavour from smoke, herbs and spices for delicious results.