Korean chef Judy Juu of JinJuu restaurants in London and Hong Kong shows us everything we need to know to create authentic Korean cuisine. She’ll introduce you to:

  • The ingredients that make her cooking truly authentic
  • The tips, techniques and recipes that form the basis of the Korean table.

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1. An introduction


A short introduction to what this course is about.


2. Setting up your kitchen

Take a walk around the kitchen at JinJuu restaurant in London as Chef Judy Juu shows you the essential equipment for creating authentic Korean cuisine with a modern twist, from the pressure-fryer to the robata grill. 

3. Using authentic ingredients

Chef Judy Juu talks you through her list of essential Korean ingredients, from fermented chilli paste to Asian pears.

4. Pressure-fried Korean fried chicken

Learn how to make authentic Korean Fried Chicken, with top tips and techniques on how to brine, coat, batter and fry the chicken for perfectly crisp results.

5. Fermented classic Korean kimchi

Learn how to create the Korean fermented classic: cabbage kimchi, with techniques on how to brine and ferment for truly authentic results.