Gain insight into the colorful and aromatic flavors of North Indian cuisine. Beginning with Tandoor chicken, learn the technique behind dishes like tikka chicken and vegetable samosas. 


Tandoor Chicken Part One

Chef Deepak demonstrates the myriad of marinades and colorful spices involved in making tandoor chicken. 


Tandoor Chicken Part Two

Watch part-two as this classic dish is slipped onto skewers and finished within a traditional clay oven. Learn how to recreate this without, as well as timings and final assembly.


Tikka Chicken Masala Part One

Learn about the spices and yoghurts that encase this iconic dish as well as the restaurant’s personal garam masala blend for bold flavors.


Tikka Chicken Masala Part Two

Chef Bagh Sigh reveals the final spices and ingredients involved in creating pungent aromatics accompanied by a rich terracotta-orange sauce. 


Vegetable Samosas Part One

Wrap roll and stuff your way to samosa perfection as this episode teaches you the recipe and technique for a North Indian staple.


Vegetable Samosas Part Two

Give your samosas the finishing-touch with a plate-up to please everyone.

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