Chef Frederic Duval and Chef Murphy introduce you to two takes on the tricky souffle. Try a sweet or savoury approach and nail the techniques for dodging this dishes’ troublesome reputation. 


Begin with the basics - flour, eggs and butter thickened with a Roquefort blue cheese and tossed with panko breadcrumbs.

Roquefort Souffle Part 1

Start your souffle by creating a classic Roux Blanc – a combination of T45 flour and melted butter whisked with milk.

Roquefort Souffle Part 2

Melt the Roquefort cheese to make your béchamel, incorporating egg yolks before whisking and setting aside.

Roquefort Souffle Part 3

Next, learn the technique for preparing your souffle moulds. Brush, cool, whisk and fold your way to completion. 


Roquefort Souffle Part 4

Part 4 takes you through the final steps – baking and plating! Learn how to bake your souffle for decadent results and impressive plating.      

Equipment & Ingredients

Chef Murphy at Launceston Place sweetens things up with a passionfruit rice pudding souffle. Familiarise yourself with the set-up involved as well as the sweet components that compose this dish.

Passionfruit Rice Pudding Souffle Part 1

Begin by whipping and mixing your ingredients together creating a pudding base and fluffy white filling before moving onto part 2. 

Passionfruit Rice Pudding Souffle Part 2

Watch the final part to learn the temperatures and times for baking as well as top-tips on a textured plate-up with a refreshing yoghurt ice-cream.

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