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Discover our wide range of products for your professional foodservice from Knorr, Hellmann's, Colman's, Lipton and more!

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    Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise (4x3.78L)
    Double Points
    Recommended price (including VAT) 192.94 AED
    Hellmann's Table Top Mayonnaise (8x395g)
    Recommended price (including VAT) 73.50 AED
    Hellmann's Table Top Ketchup (8x480g)
    Recommended price (including VAT) 52.50 AED
    Hellmann's Table Top Hot Sauce (12x95ml)
    Recommended price (including VAT) 53.55 AED
    Hellmann's Classic Mayonnaise (4x3.78L)
    Double Points
    Recommended price (including VAT) 152.15 AED
    Hellmann's Mayonnaise Sachets (1000x10g)
    Recommended price (including VAT) 106.94 AED
    Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise (4x3.78L)
    Double Points
    Recommended price (including VAT) 115.76 AED
    Hellmann's Real Ketchup Sachets (1000x10g)
    Recommended price (including VAT) 84.89 AED
    Hellmann's Real Ketchup (4x5kg)
    Recommended price (including VAT) 121.28 AED

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