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Blanch the crab

The Soup


  • Hellmann’s Classic Mayonnaise (4 X 3.78L) 200 ml
  • Ground black pepper 3 g
  • Dried coriander powder 3 g
  1. Blanch the crab

    • Wash the crabs thoroughly in cold running water. Bring the water to the boil and dissolve the Knorr Fish Stock Powder into it
    • Add in the crabs and boil for 4-6 min depending on the size
    • Remove the crabs and place in the ice water to stop them from over cooking
    • Crack open the crabs and separate the meat from the shells, discard the gills and digestive system found on the underside of the crab.
  2. The Soup

    • Heat the clarified butter and sauté the onions and left over crab shells
    • Lower the heat, add the bezar spices, turmeric powder and dried lemon now stir till fragrant, be careful not burn
    • Add in the Knorr Fish Stock Powder, Knorr Chicken Shawarma Marinade and water, bring to a simmer, cook for 15 minutes, add in the Knorr Lime Seasoning and remove the dried lemon.
    • Blend everything till smooth and then strain though a chinois.
    • Check the seasoning
  3. Garnish

    • Mix the Hellman’s Classic Mayonnaise with the Turmeric and black pepper and put place into a side dish
    • Take half the crab meat and bind together with some of the Hellman’s Classic Mayonnaise, also place that in one of the side dishes
    Serve with other condiments like pine nuts, chili paste and toasted bread