• Watermelon, cubes 500 g
  • Tomato, small cubes 500 g
  • Feta cheese, cubes 250 g
  • Olive, green sliced 100 g
  • Baby spinach leaves 150 g
  • Fresh mint, leaves 50 g

Enjoy it with:

  1. Sauce:

    • Blend first 4 ingredients together, gradually add oil until incorporated, finish the mix with the basil, reserve in chiller until service.
  2. Salad:

    • Cure the watermelon cubes with some salt for 1 hour.
    • Halve the tomatoes and mix with the cured watermelon.
    • Mix in all other ingredients and season with lemon mustard dressing.
  3. Enjoy it with:

    • For a more delightful experience, enjoy this salad with a cup of our Pure Leaf Peppermint Tea.