Experience an explosion of delightful flavours. Check out some tea and shisha combinations, highly recommended by shisha lovers across the internet, curated by our flavour experts. Go ahead and try them all!

1 Lemon Zest + Rosehip Tea
A favourite with most shisha lovers in town! Pairing sour fruity flavors with sweet lemony tobacco results in one delicious flavour, reminiscent of summers and sunshine. Best enjoyed in its iced variant.

2 White Peach Shisha with Refreshing Lemon Tea
A sweet-and-sour palate pleaser that brightens your day. The invigorating notes of lemon in traditional black tea sipped over the honeyed flavours of peach make for one energizing combination for your taste buds.

3 Lemon Mint Shisha with Classic Earl Grey Tea
Cool and refreshing meets classic and earthy. The fragrant bitterness of black tea mixed with marigold and blue petals combined with a zesty, refreshing lemon makes for an amazing, full-bodied tasting experience.

4 Watermelon Shisha with Juicy Forest Fruits Tea
A burst of fruity flavours in your mouth! The calm tones of watermelon shisha mixed with the taste of forest berries in a full-bodied herbal tea fusion, make for a relaxing yet unforgettable flavour.

5 Mint Chocolate Shisha with Green Tea Sencha
Yes! It sounds shocking, but tastes simply delightful. The roasted flavour of green tea warms up the chocolate in the tobacco making for a nutty-sweet aroma. Coupled with mint, it lets you enjoy green tea without the bitterness.

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