Exceptional tea starts with the leaf and ends with the perfect serve. With our latest offer, you can serve the perfect premium tea experience with Pure Leaf!

When you purchase Pure Leaf this season, we will offer you exclusive deals which include;

  • Perfect serve teaware
  • Display solutions
  • Customised training opportunities

To avail of this, simply sign-up with the details of your business below and get a call back from a UFS Representative.

Pure Leaf Exclusive Deals

Terms & Conditions Apply:

  • Offer only valid for premium Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes with a minimum of 2 branches in the UAE and KSA.
  • Training will be done in the UAE Unilever office, unless other plans are mutually decided by both parties.
  • The date and time of the training will be subject to availability and mutually decided by both parties.
  • There must be3 to 10 participants for the training to take place.