As part of our campaign dedicated to creating happier workplaces, DUPLAYS collaborated with Little Miss Wellness, CIPD* and Mindfulness at Work in building the guidelines to foster a culture of inclusion through wellbeing.

Hosting professional speakers from different organisations made this workshop a dynamic one. Topics included how to design a corporate wellness plan, a sports and activity programme and calculate the ROI of a workplace.

Here are a few tips from the professional speakers to help you transform your workplace into a happier one.

  • Give 10-15 minute breaks for stressed employees to exercise or break into silence.
  • Provide a discount on gym memberships as exercise releases stress.
  • Encourage employees who are unwell to go home and recover.
  • Transform the employees mood by transforming the workplace.
  • Drink green tea to boost productivity and concentration.

*CIPD: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development