Employees work harder when they feel happy; in fact, they’ve been found to be 12% more productive when they are happy. Encouraging employees to take some downtime to socialise and relax with colleagues is a great way to induce that feeling of happiness. And providing them with a breakout area in the office in which they can unwind is an even better idea.

A breakout area can be a designated room or space, but its purpose is to give employees somewhere to take a break from work without having to go outside of the office.

Here are some simple and inexpensive tips for creating a breakout area your staff will love:

1: Give the space a different look from the rest of the office using colourful paint or some funky wall decals.

2: If you don’t have a room to turn into a breakout area, simply use a screen(s) to section off part of the office.

3: The aim is relaxation, so ensure there’s some comfy seating in the form of sofas or bean bags. And tables if it’s an area to eat in.

4: If space is limited, the area can double up as a meeting room for internal or informal catch-ups. 

5: A chat and a cup of tea is a great way to unwind, so a pantry is a must. There are lots of space- and budget-friendly pantry solutions to choose from, just be sure to keep it well stocked with a choice of different teas and healthy snacks like fruits instead of the usual biscuits.

6: Games help staff to de-stress. They don’t need to be tennis or billiard tables; board games like chess or dart boards work just as well. You can even increase the excitement by organising a company games tournament or keeping a score chart.

7: Natural light or outdoor views are ideal for the space, but using greenery like plants also brings that sense of the outside indoors.  

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