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Alternate your teas with a diverse selection all year-round. As the climate changes through the seasons, so does our mood!

Spring is the best time to pluck our precious tea buds and leaves full of aromas, which are rich in essential oils. The vegetal notes in green tea will reflect the waking of nature in your cup. Besides, it is a powerful antioxidant, ideal to help the body detox during the spring cleaning, as well as some herbal blends that will act as a mild diuretic.

The hot and humid days of our endless summer call for a lighter and more aromatic tea - green tea with mint is a great source of refreshment. Also, offer your employees to stay hydrated with a tea-infused detox water dispenser with easy access - add a handful of cranberries or strawberries for a little sweetness.
Chilly temperatures hit the Middle East, too. The cooler weather will inspire warming blends like vanilla, berries and black teas - add a slice of lemon and a dash of honey to keep sickness at bay.
Of course, there are no definite rules for which tea to drink every hour of the day or time of year. Tastes are personal and need to suit your mood. The right tea selection will help your employees to create the perfect harmony for them!

Get started and explore our range of tea flavors to see which flavors suit you.

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