The problem: Your office in the afternoon, full of tired, disinterested staff, lacking focus.


The fix: Green tea at 1-2pm.

The result: Your office in the afternoon, full of focused, energised, creative and highly productive staff

Most offices suffer from an afternoon lull where employees are distracted and productivity levels drop, and yours is probably no exception. But a quick trip to the pantry could be all that’s required to turn this situation around. By making green tea the go-to post lunch beverage for you and your colleagues, you can benefit from its brain-boosting potential. Green tea contains caffeine and amino-acid L-theanine, which in combination have been shown to improve brain function and focus. So get the pantry stocked with green tea and kick start afternoons of positivity and creativity.

From Workdesk Workouts to team-building through tea, find plenty of advice for improving the wellbeing of your colleagues here

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