Diners love choice, especially when it comes to their beverages. And with tea being one of the most popular and profitable beverages you serve, adding some excitement to your tea menu can only be a positive move.

Here are 4 steps to help you revolutionise your tea offering:

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing wow about dunking a tea bag up and down in a cup. But dancing tea leaves swirling around and creating a mesmeric colour pattern as they go – that’s an experience guests will enjoy and one you can offer with Tea Fusion by Lipton. Watch this video to see Tea Fusion in action. 

Your Front of House team will also welcome the change, not only is the Tea Fusion machine effortlessly easy to operate, but it can reduce or completely eliminate the waste and mess from using tea bags. 

Expanding your tea offering won’t just excite existing customers, it’ll bring in new ones looking to experience something different or unique. Introducing a brand new selection of brews, like those in the Tea Fusion range, is a brilliant marketing tool. With the Tea Fusion range including the wonderfully flavourful Summer Fruit Inspiration, Rooiboos Refresher and Pomegranate & White Tea Wonder, you’ll soon be getting plenty of talk ability on social media.

Serve the perfect cup of tea – smooth, rich and just the right temperature – and you’ll soon have a loyal following of tea devotees patronizing your venue on a daily basis. Remember quality taste isn’t just achieved in the brewing process, it comes from the tea your using, too.

The loose tea leaves inside every Tea Fusion capsule are hand-picked and high quality, while the precision brewing process ensures a consistent quality, temperature and strength tea every time. And that’s a difference your customers will be able to taste.

Customers are willing to pay more for quality, variety, uniqueness and consistency, so price your new teas accordingly to reap the returns.  

Happily, these 4 steps can all be achieved with just the touch of a button. The Tea Fusion machine is supported by 11 different teas and infusions, from which your customers will soon be picking their favourites. 

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