Tea’s popularity as a drink stretches back hundreds of years and, with a new revolution sweeping the craft of making tea, that popularity is set to increase further.

Using a machine and patented brewing technology, Tea Fusion by Lipton is able to prepare tea in the ideal conditions, and in front of your intrigued guests. Tea Fusion replaces the traditional tea bag with capsules filled with high quality loose tea leaves that brew freely in the machine, releasing colour and flavour to create the perfect cup of tea. This brewing process is sure to get your guests talking, while the smooth, rich taste of the tea will keep them coming back for more.

And Tea Fusion isn’t just modernising and perfecting how tea is made, it’s bringing with it a host of exciting tea flavours and infusions that will soon be firm favourites with your guests.

Watch this video to discover more:

Tea Fusion - The Modern Craft of Making Tea


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