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When Richard Hellmann whisked up his first batch of mayonnaise in his New York delicatessen back in 1913, he couldn’t have guessed how this super-simple dressing – made from egg yolks, oil and vinegar – would catch on. It’s become the go-to ingredient in kitchens all over the world – both in the hospitality industry and in the home.

There’s something about the creamy texture of Hellmann’s that makes it the world’s number 1 mayonnaise brand in the world, isn’t there? Chefs everywhere have been using Hellmann’s mayo to transform everyday foods into something that diners keep talking about. A juicy burger on a toasted bun with crunchy lettuce and tomato is simply lifted to the next level of taste satisfaction with a helping of Hellmann’s. A true mouth-watering fact, that.

Back in the day, Richard Hellmann proudly tied a blue ribbon around jars of his best recipe, to show his customers they were buying a premium product. Today, we’re keeping that mark of quality alive. Blue Ribbon Farms are at the heart of Hellmann’s products, championing the true value of land to plate.

Stocksbrugger’s Farm in Canada is a family run business and one of our five Blue Ribbon Farms in North America. They supply 100% cage-free eggs to make our mayonnaise. We also source the oils – the other key ingredient that helps create that yummy creamy smoothness – 100% responsibly

As part of Unilever Food Solution’s commitment to food sustainability, we’re making sure we’re helping our chefs deliver great-tasting food without it literally costing the earth.

In many of our Hellmann’s products, we’ve switched to rapeseed oil, too. This is good news on the health front because it’s got less unhealthy saturated fats than all other oils and fats. Plus, it’s high in mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats; omega 3, 6 and 9 – great for our hearts. So, while mayo tastes indulgent, your diners can tuck in, knowing it’s not as naughty as they think.

You can take care of your health-conscious customers by offering our Hellmann’s Real Ketchup. It is made with 100% sustainably sourced tomatoes, ripened on sustainable Spanish farms, picked for their sun-drenched locations. Unlike other ketchups out there, Hellmann’s REAL Ketchup uses only honey as the sweetener—no refined sugar, no high fructose corn syrup. Simple ingredients are what make our ketchup so rich and flavourful. You can read more tips here about cutting sugar out of your recipes

Quick! I need a dip!

Need to whip up an on-the-spot dip? Hellmann’s Mayonnaise makes a great base. We have used Hellmann’s Classic in these tasty concoctions:

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