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Ramadan is a crucial period in the food service calendar, and you’ll want to prepare a stand-out Iftar meal for your diners. Entrees are essential when it comes to breaking the fast. So, what’s going to be on the menu?

Bursting with ideas
Our Ramadan recipe e-book for 2020 is full of fresh ideas and flavours. Taking inspiration from the Knorr Future 50 Foods, these Ramadan-friendly entrée recipes include more sustainable ingredients than ever, as well as vegan options, to keep your kitchen environmentally friendly and all your customers happy.

Quick, easy and delicious

Whether you load up your entrées on a buffet table, plate up individual portions or personally serve guests from platters, our Ramadan recipes are all sure to tempt, your customers’ appetites. They’re also designed to be quick and easy for your busy team to prepare, making the most of pre-prepped ingredients.

Discover sharing food, handheld bites and dips in our free Ramadan entrees e-book. Find healthier versions of traditionally deep-fried snacks, to leave diners feeling fresh, with room for further courses. Look out for traditional starters that have been given a vegan makeover, too!

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