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Soups are the perfect way to ease into Iftar feasting. Comforting and nourishing, breaking the fast with soup is a great way to prepare the digestive system for eating, providing a   base for the rest of the meal. What’s more, they’re easy for you and your team to prep ahead – just warm through and garnish come sunset. If your establishment is a quick-order one, going big on soups is one perfect way to increase footfall during Ramadan.

Super soups

Soups are a traditional part of Iftar but often aren’t as anticipated as the main. This recipe book will help you elevate the status of soup, with a play on traditional smokey lentil soup, along with an easy-to-master aromatic Middle Eastern minestrone soup.

Fresh and healthy

With wholesome ingredients such as sweet potato, lentils and spinach, these soups are crammed full of goodness. Inspired by the Future 50 Foods Report they include sustainable ingredients and on-trend additions like smokey paprika and moringa leaves to brighten up your offering. Help your diners break their fast by downloading below!


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