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Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer, Total 10 (3ml)
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Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer, Total 10 (3ml)

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When we step out of home, our hands touch common surfaces like elevator buttons, cab doors, or grocery carts that are a breeding ground of bacteria & viruses. However, we don’t always have access to water & soap. That’s why the new Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer is a must have when you are out of home. The WHO recommends using a sanitizer when out of home to prevent the spread of bacteria and virus. When out of home, use Lifebuoy hand sanitizer that gives you instant germ protection without water. This quick-drying, non-sticky formula also comes in a convenient size pack. It can also be used by kids when they are out of home. Make the New Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer your new 24-hour companion in school, at home, workplace, malls and gym. Keep out of reach of children below 5 years.

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