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Soup Base:


  • Coconut, cream
  • Coriander oil


  1. Sambal:

    • To make the sambal, place all the ingredients in a food processor. Puree until the mixture forms into a smooth paste. Set aside until ready to use.
  2. Soup Base:

    • In a sauce pot, over medium heat, add the coconut cream and let it come to a simmer.
    • Add the tomato sambal and cook until fragrant and there is a bit of oil separation.
    • Pour in the water and bring to a boil. Stir well to combine the paste with the liquid.
    • Add the lemongrass stalks along with the roasted prawn heads and tails. Simmer over low heat for 30 minutes.
    • Dilute Knorr Professional Lime Seasoning into 30ml water and add to the pan.
    • After the cooking time, remove from the heat and remove the lemongrass stalks. Blend the soup until smooth. Pass the soup through a strainer.
    • Bring the soup back to the stove. Add the remaining coconut cream.
    • Add lime juice and kaffir lime leaves.
  3. Inclusions (Optional):

    • Sauté or grill the seasoned prawns.
    • Serve separately or add to the soup.
  4. Garnish:

    • Drizzle with coconut cream and coriander oil.
    • Sprinkle with chiffonade of kaffir lime leaves.