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Cheese Mix:

  • Cream for whipping 500.0 ml
  • Egg yolks 8.0 pc
  • Sugar 400.0 g
  • Water 100.0 ml
  • Gelatin 8.0 g
  • Mascarpone cheese 1.0 kg
  • Vanilla 10.0 g
  • Espresso coffee 200.0 ml
  • Biscuits, Lady fingers 60.0 pc
  • Cardamom, powder 5.0 g
  • Cinnamon powder 5.0 g
  • Ginger powder 5.0 g



  1. Cheese Mix:

    • Whip cream until stiff peaks form, add a small pinch of the Karak spice mixture.
    • Whip yolks on speed (3) for around 10 minutes until pale colour. While yolks are mixing, heat sugar and water till 118°C, on low speed add the hot sugar to the yolk, add a pinch of the Karak spice mixture.
    • Add the diluted gelatin and continue whipping on speed (2) to cool down the mixture.
    • Add mascarpone cheese and mix on low speed for 2 minutes, add vanilla.
    • Fold in whipped cream and mix by hand.
    • Mix espresso with water and a pinch of the Karak spice mixture.
    • Dip ladyfinger biscuits and place in trays.
    • Pipe cheese mixture top with coffee biscuit and finish with another cheese mix.
    • Wrap and store in the chiller for 2 hours before use.
  2. Plating:

    • Remove from chillier, mix cocoa powder with the rest of the Karak spice mixture and sprinkle on top of the tiramisu.
    • Drizzle Carte D’or Professional Toffee Topping and serve.