Marinate Chicken:

  • Chicken breast, cubes 1.6 kg
  • Lemon, juice 60 ml
  • Kashmiri chilli, powder 5 g
  • Yogurt 250 g
  • Curry, base 160 g



  • Cream 50 ml
  • Coriander leaves 2 g
  1. Marinate Chicken:

    • Add all ingredient into a bowl, mix, cover and chill overnight to marinade.
  2. Sauce:

    • Heat the mustard oil in a pan and sear of the marinated chicken. Remove from the pan and set aside.
    • In the same pan cook out the curry paste. Add the salt and water and bring to a simmer.
    • Whisk in the Knorr Tomato Powder, add the chicken back and cook through.
    • Finish by whisking in the cream, butter and Kasoori Methi.
  3. Plate:

    • Plate in a bowl and garnish with a tsp cream and a few coriander leaves.