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Risotto "risi e bisi" by Chef Stefano Ghielmett:

Designed for professional chefs, check out this Risotto “risi e bisi” recipe, by Chef Stefano Ghielmetti: cooking instructions broken into components, full list of professional ingredients, chefs’ preparation secrets. Master this recipe with products like: Knorr Vegetable Powder.



  1. Risotto "risi e bisi" by Chef Stefano Ghielmett:

    • Cut the baby asparagus and save the tops for decoration.
    • Start preparing the stock in a pan, and bring it to a boil. Add chopped asparagus and cook for 30 seconds. Set aside.
    • Add 2/3 of the frozen green peas, mint and parsley leaves. Blitz the stock with the vegetables in a blender until smooth and then pass it through a fine colander (must be a bright green colour). Keep warm and add seasoning, if needed.
    • In a deep pan, sauté shallots with butter on medium heat until they start to get translucent.
    • Add the rice and toast until golden brown (5 mins).
    • Deglaze with white wine and reduce.
    • Start cooking the rice by adding the vegetable liquid little by little. Keep stirring with a spatula until rice is cooked (15 mins).
    • Remove from the heat and add the rest of the green peas and mix. Add parmesan, 2 tbsp. of butter and gorgonzola cheese and cover the pan with a lid. Rest for 5 mins.
    • Remove the lid, mix nicely and add a bit of stock to make sure risotto is creamy and wet.
    • Plate rice in the middle of the plate.
    • Garnish with few more peas, asparagus tops, Ricotta Salata shavings and pea shoots and few gorgonzola crumbles.
  2. Garnish:

    • Garnish with Ricotta shavings, fresh parsley, black pepper and pea shoots.